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Cool rabbit advice from Bayswater Vets

June 21, 2018

Rabbits can have a tough time in the summer as they don’t tolerate heat well and can die from overheating. At Bayswater Veterinary Clinic our head nurse, Kate Locke, has come up with some useful suggestions for keeping your rabbit cool.

If you think your pet is overheating don’t hang around – contact us and bring it to see us as soon as you can.

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Ten tips on keeping your rabbit cool

  • Make sure bunny has a shady space to escape the sun.
  • Set up a fan. The air will be cooled even more if it blows through a damp towel draped over part of the cage.
  • Place a cool ceramic tile for your rabbit to lie on in its cage or favourite place. – as long as it’s out of the sun.
  • Place a few ice cubes in their water bowl.
  • Rabbits dissipate heat through their ears, so spraying them with water misting them will help keep them cool.
  • Brush out excessive fur.
  • Freeze some water bottles and put them in the cage for your rabbit to lean against.
  • Be sure to feed plenty of veggies to help with hydration.
  • More sedentary rabbits may not get up to drink water if they are too hot. This can quickly lead to dehydration which can be a killer.
  • Bring your pet indoors if it’s cooler than inside its cage.

If your rabbit gets heat stroke…

  • Do not put it in cold water as this could cause shock.
  • Dampen the ears and body with cool water.

There are other concerns for rabbits in hot weather, including fly-strike, so keep a watchful eye on your pet daily. Remember, too much heat can actually be fatal to rabbits, so if you’ve any concerns at all call us on 020 7229 2040.

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