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What’s your cat’s body condition score?

December 14, 2017

Overweight cats are more susceptible to health problems, while underweight cats may have an underlying condition that needs to be addressed. It’s therefore important to keep a close eye on their body condition.

At our Alexander Street practice, our vet nurses offer body condition checks – so why not make a new year’s resolution to book an appointment for your cat this January*?

Book a health check for your cat

Discover your cat’s body condition score

A vet nurse will assess your cat on a scale of one to five, ranging from very thin through to obese, explaining the health problems that can come with those extremes. We’ll also advise how to keep your cat at a healthy weight*.

If you’d like to know more, you can also check out our body condition score chart.

Plus, here are a few tips for keeping your cat at a healthy weight:

  • Choose the right food
    Take into account the age, lifestyle and health of your cat. A 12-year-old overweight cat with diabetes needs a different diet to a plump, 6-year-old, neutered tom cat.
  • Count calories
    Work out how many calories your cat is likely to use each day, then feed slightly less than this to reduce your cat’s weight.
  • Increase activity
    • Use toy mice or feathers to encourage your cat to chase
    • Feed your cat in different locations to encourage foraging
    • Provide climbing and scratching posts
    • Scrunched up paper balls are fun to play with
    • Cardboard boxes and paper bags around the house are great to explore and hide in

Ask us for more advice

* Terms and conditions:

  1. Our nurse-led body condition and weight checks will be with one of our nursing team.
  2. If the nurse-led check reveals any acute problems, our nurse may recommend that you make an appointment to see one of our vets. This vet consultation may be chargeable.